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Welcome To Metro Bar & Grill

Metro has brought together style ("user friendly modernism" as the Birmingham Post called it) and great food in the heart of Birmingham's commercial centre.

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In the heart of Britain's second city. With its unique curved mirrored wall and glass roof.


Whether you joining us for a snack, light plate or a full on A La Carte lunch or dinner, our philosophy is the same.

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Menus that reflect the season with a central theme of grills, steaks & seafood and daily changing specials to allow our kitchen team to get imaginative!

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Good food using fresh ingredients from local suppliers where possible.

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Latest News

Drink Responsibly; Some Facts About Alcohol

The truths about alcohol are in some cases unusual. For example, did you recognize that out of 1000 grownups, 47 are most likely to be dependent on alcohol? Among the realities of alcohol, there is the one that no one intends to listen to. The variety of people dependent on alcohol is the double quantity of individuals that depend on controlled substances. They end up hiring a Birmingham dui attorney in order to get them out of trouble with alcohol. Most individuals are not consuming illegal substances every day, and they do not go as far overboard with alcohol, and also they do not consider themselves to have trouble with alcohol.

However, alcohol does in reality, injure the body no matter how many times every month you consume it. The more you consume alcohol, the more you harm the organs in your body. Also if you don’t consume alcohol a lot, cleaning the body of toxins ought to be done on a regular basis.The fact is if you consume alcohol, the cells in your body are trying to fight off the toxic substances from the alcohol constantly.

The Facts

Men and women metabolize alcohol at different rates. Men typically metabolize at 1-1.25 hours/drink while females metabolize 1.5-2 hours/drink. Statistics show that 13% of females and also 27% of males drink greater than the recommended amounts.

Over 7,000 young Americans under the age of 15 are put in hospitals annually with alcohol poisoning. By the age of 11, most of the kids will have used alcohol. Some 40% of terrible criminal activities are committed while the culprit has consumed alcohol. Many people have been murdered annually in alcohol related accidents. Among the realities of alcohol that is rarely stated is that young people that consume alcohol are 50 times more likely to utilize cocaine compared to those that never drink alcohol. Underage drinking sets back the USA more than $58 billion annually.


Health Facts

Your kidneys can not operate correctly when you drink alcohol. The kidneys aid to control the fluids and the electrolytes in your body as well as filter out waste that is in your body. Among the facts regarding alcohol is that it causes peeing within a short time, the body might come to be dehydrated as well as the kidneys will certainly not be able to work correctly in managing the electrolytes. While a modest amount of alcohol does not directly harm the kidneys from time to time, it will prevent them from functioning effectively while drinking. Heavy alcohol consumption can result in your kidneys failing. Cleaning the body will help your kidneys to be able to correctly strain the waste that has gathered in your body from drinking alcohol.

Cleansing the body will certainly also aid you to increase the performance of your intestines. As the abdominal tracts eliminate waste from the body as well as take in necessary nutrients, it is imperative that your intestinal tracts are doing their task effectively.

Thinking about moderate alcohol consumption does not always damage any one of your organs, it can stop them from working appropriately. Cleansing the body must be a routine component of your life if you take in any alcohol, even a moderate quantity. When cleaning the body, you could start with the colon and also carry on to a kidney cleanse as well as a liver cleanse. By cleaning the body, you will ensure your body is functioning at leading performance.

What’s the Difference between Barbecuing and Grilling?

Most of us get so confused with barbecuing and grilling, and we often use both these terms interchangeably. Barbecue is a slow technique where the juice of the meat is retained while grilling is a faster procedure. There is a huge difference between both these terms and the following are some of those differences:



Barbecuing is the process of cooking food in a low flame, and it usually takes a longer time to cook the food. The cuts of meat like ribs, beef briskets, pork shoulder, chicken and turkey are usually barbecued. These meats are hard, and they need the low and slow heat to get cooked and become tender. The flame is not directly exposed to the food while barbecuing instead only the heat of the flame is used to cook the food. Wood and charcoal are used to produce the heat, and it also gives the meat a smoky flavour.


Grilling is quite popular, and many people do this in their backyard. Grilling is a faster method, and thus it requires more flame. Grilling is done over direct heat, and the food items that are grilled are steaks, pork chops, hot dogs, seafood and hamburgers. Gas or charcoal usually produces the flame.


Heat level is one of the basic differences between grilling and barbecuing.  Grilling uses a direct heat which is from gas or from charcoal which radiates heat directly over the cooking surface. The heat usually comes only in one direction, and thus you need to make sure that you turn the meat often so that the meat gets cooked properly. The fat from the meat hits the heat source, and it creates smoke which seasons the meat.

BBQ is a slower procedure where the heat is not directly applied to the meat. The meat is cooked through convection heat transfer, and as the heat circulates the meat, it gets cooked.

Type of meat:

Grilling is a faster procedure, and thus you will have to place tender cut meats which are soft. For example, you can place chicken breasts, chops, steaks etc. for grilling. Chicken breasts are very soft, and grilling is a great eat to cook such type of meat.

The meat which is hard and requires to be softened needs to be barbecued. Some of the ideal meat which can be used for BBQ are briskets, pork, ribs etc.


Time also plays a crucial role in cooking the food. As a higher temperature is provided for grilling the meat, you don’t need much time to cook the meat. A maximum of 20 minutes is required for the meat to be completely cooked.

Direct heat is not applied to BBQs so you will have to leave the meat for a longer time so that it becomes soft and tender.

Top 6 British foods

Top 6 British foods

British food is often misunderstood, and it is considered to be dull. But British have some classic food items which are loved by everyone in the world.


The following are some of the favourite traditional food of the British:

Fish and chips:

Fish was available in plenty in the country, and it was one of the most the staple foods in England. Fish and chips is an iconic meal for the English, and they have been eating this for years. They usually make the fish by coating it with haddock and cod into a batter, and that batter is fried till it becomes crispy and the fish on the inside becomes very soft. The dish is usually paired with chips and peas.

Bubble and squeak:

Bubble and squeak is a traditional English dish, but it has lost its popularity over the years. Bubble and squeak is one of the best ways to finish up all your leftovers. It is also delicious food, and it is quite simple to make it. If you happen to have cabbage or any other vegetable that is leftover you can use that to make Bubble and squeak. All you have to do is take a pan and add butter and the leftover vegetables you have; once these vegetables have turned brown. Add mashed potatoes to the vegetable and serve it with fried eggs to make it even more delicious.


Bangers and mash:

Bangers and mash are similar to Bubble and squeal, but instead of vegetables, they use sausages. Bangers and mash are made by cooking the sausages in the oven, and it is served with mashed potatoes and fried onions on the top. Sometimes a little bit of gravy is added to the dish to make it more delicious.

Bread and butter pudding:

English love eating desserts. Initially, Bread and butter pudding is the dessert which the poor people in England would make with leftover bread. They would steam the bread, add few dried fruits and soak it in milk. The mixture is finally baked in the oven and served. Initially, people ate it as a main dish, but as years went by, people started to consider it as a dessert.

Roast Dinner:

The list will never be complete if it does not contain the roast dinner. The roast dinner consists of mashed potatoes, carrots, sprouts, beans, broccoli, pudding, gravy and roasted meat. The roast dinner was the main meal that was prepared on Sundays and when family and friends gather together for a special occasion.

Bacon Sandwiches:

Bacon is a popular dish that is loved by everyone and bacon sandwiches are quite popular in England. Bacon is fried and kept in-between two slices of bread and toasted. It is a delicious snack, and the people of England love it.